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The Jet comes with:

  • A 48 volt standard fixed battery. It's comes with a standard 48 volt battery that gives it a solid and reliable performance for most daily use. If you need more power and driving time, it's best to upgrade to a 60 volt. You can also change it to a removable battery that you can conveniently take out your scooter and charge separately. Battery details:
    • 48 volt: top speed 40km/h, max distance 40km
    • 60 volt: top speed 50km/h, max distance 50km
  • License plate registration service. All scooters we sell are legal to drive, they need to be registered under your name. It's a very simple process. Read the details on the Registration & License FAQ
  • Luggage top box. A convenient and stylish luggage top box on the back of your scooter so you can store and carry more things around. It also adds more comfort to the seating area. Convenient and safe. 
  • Scooter alarm. Set an alarm on your scooter with a simple click with your key. It will start beeping loudly when people (read: thieves) try to move it. 
  • Scooter lock. It comes with a U-lock that you can use to lock the front wheel of your scooter. Essential in Shanghai. 
  • Free delivery. We will get the scooter to you, just let us know the address. If you live outside the S20 highway (which is pretty far) we can still deliver it, but it will cost a little bit extra. See here the area for free delivery.

Read about delivery, payment, registration and repair in our FAQ

(It does not have the red lining paint job as shown. Shown images are for reference only. The delivered product may vary)